David Terlicher

David received his physiotherapy degree from the University of British Columbia in 2005. He has since built his practice in the areas of orthopaedics and sports injury rehabilitation. He has earned his Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy and his Acupuncture certification (CAFCI) in addition to ongoing training in Manual and Visceral Therapy. As a Discover Physio Series graduate, David utilizes the Integrated Systems Model, developed by Diane Lee and Linda Joy Lee, to locate and treat the root cause of pain – this method yields far more successful results when compared to common ‘band-aid’ solutions.

David has worked with athletes of all levels in numerous sports from the Pro Rodeo Circuit to community beach soccer. He has been team therapist for the Canadian men’s Alpine Ski team and Vancouver Whitecaps men’s soccer team. He was the Canada Ski Cross team therapist for two seasons which included working with the team through the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

David is a former collegiate and national-level track and field athlete and former track & field coach, both of which have fuelled his interest in working with running athletes. In his free time, David is an avid kiteboarder, snowboarder and parkour newbie.